About Us

Fundraising is a process of gathering money which later will be use as the foundation of an event. Fundraising division in the Board of Executives allows its members to learn how to obtain funds from variety sources which includes individuals and corporate.

Every activities or events conducted by any organization surely needs good funding. To achieve a certain amount of fund, it is definitely uneasy and need a very good planning. That is why it requires a specific group of people to do these kind of responsibilities, which is fundraising division. Fundraising division is one of the most valuable component in an organization that has a responsibility to raise certain amount of money needed to meet the proposed budget in response to a certain activities or events that is being held by the university. Not only raising money, but they also oversees organization’s funding in order to create a lot of benefits to the organization. There are two types of sources of obtaining fund which are internal and external sources. For internal funding, the program that has been conducted are selling food and beverages, merchandise, garage sales and others. As for external funding, dealing with sponsors is one of the examples. Not only learning about values that are related to funding activities, there are some interpersonal skills that can be obtained when joining this division, these includes responsibility, teamwork, communication, decision making and creative thinking.

Job Desk
  • Responsible to raise fund for BEM financial needs.
This Year's Division Program
  • BEM Fund Raising sells merchandise such as stickers with various design using SGU Logo, Keychain with 2 models using SGU Logo.
  • BEM Fund Raising sells foods using Pre-Order system. Various food menu have been sold by the team such as Nasi Rames, Gudeg, Chicken Pok-Pok, Chicken Karage and many more.
  • BEM Fund Raising also sells snacks and drinks of various types. Kerupuk Bakso, Yakult, Kerupuk Jabl*y, Bolu kukus, Soy milk, Makaroni goreng with various flavors, and many more.
  • BEM Fund Raising held Garage Sale by selling a second hand items such as clothes, pants, jeans, bags, shoes and many other items.
  • BEM Fund Raising open Pre-Order for SGU Signature Jacket which can be sold to all SGU Family including students and staffs. This program is a continuity from year to year that originally started in 2015.
  • BEM Fund Raising sells drinks during Futsal Internal Cup held by BEM Sport Division. Pocari Sweat, mineral water, The Pucuk are examples of the products we sold.