About Us

Our main duty is to be the bridge between external student organizations and SGU student organizations. We have documentation sub-division which responsible in documenting our BEM events.

Documentation and PR division functions as the bridge communication between SGU and students, as well as students and other universities. Our division is divided into two subdivision, documentation and public relations. Documentation subdivision is in charge of documenting events in BEM. Whereas the Public Relation subdivision is in charge of BEM’s social media and distribution of internal and external information to the students. Our work programs are handling BEM’s social media accounts such as Instagram and Twitter, Kartini Day Photo booth and SGU Online Magazine.

Job Desk
  • Handle social media and blog.
  • Handle external and internal relationships.
This Year's Division Program
  • Kartini Day Photobooth - We set a photo booth for students and staffs, we also encourage them to wear Batik.
  • SGU Online Magazine - We post articles related to internal events of SGU.