About Us

The Sport Division of the Board of Executives in Swiss German University is responsible for managing every sport related activity within the campus, which includes Internal Cup and External Cup.

The sport division of the board of executives in Swiss German University manages the sporting events in the campus. Some of the sporting branches that are competed are Futsal, Basketball, Table Tennis, and E-sports (DOTA, TEKKEN 7, etc). The sport division have two main projects which is Internal Cup and External Cup.

Internal cup, is a friendly competition held within the campus for all Swiss German University students and staffs with the purpose of releasing tension and to create a fun and stress relieving sports competition which encourage students and staffs to communicate, collaborate and bond with students from different semesters and faculty.

The external cup is a competition held between universities to improve relationship between universities in terms of collaboration and partnership through a healthy, friendly and honest competition in sports.

Job Desk
  • To held internal cup and external cup.
This Year's Division Program
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