SSJ Election 2021


Student Organization Election or better known as SO Election is an event held by members from the Student Organization of SGU between the month of October and November. Questions may arise regarding the purpose of the event.

The main purpose of the event is to elect the new president and the vice president of the Board of Executives (BEM) as well as the new chairman of the House of Representatives (MPM). During the period of the event, candidates need to go through several stages before the voting period starts, which include internal presentation and public campaign.

Internal presentation is where the candidates present their vision and mission to the Vice Rector, Head of the Student Advisor as well as the current and ex-leader of the Board of Executives (BEM) and the House of Representatives (MPM). Whereas public campaign is where the candidates promote themselves to the students of SGU in different ways for instance by using social media.

We should also keep in mind that this event is usually organized by the new members of the Student Organization which are mainly from semester 1 which can also be considered as their first job as a new member of the Student Organization where Student Organization represents both Board of Executives (BEM) as well as the House of Representatives (MPM).