About Us

Assessor and Developer cover making regulations for Orientation and Kaderisasi, conducting study visits, supervising Student Organization election, and evaluation of the House of Representatives members.

Assessor and Developer or also shortly called A&D are one of three divisions in the House of Representatives. The purpose of the Assessor and Developer is to assess the House of Representatives members and to evaluate the members in the period also to develop the members through various activities. Job descriptions of Assessor and Developer are evaluating the House of Representatives members, establishing regulations for Orientation and Kaderisasi, conducting team building and gathering, supervising student organization election, and conducting study visits to several universities. In the evaluation process, the whole MPM members are evaluated by A&D members with different aspects that are needed for a successful House of Representatives. For the regulation of orientation and kaderisation, A&D works with the Board of Executives Education Division since they are the ones who conduct those events. For regeneration purposes, the election is conducted annually to choose the next chairman of both the House of Representatives and the Board of Executives. This event will be supervised by A&D while the new members of the House of Representatives and the Board of Executives (from semester 1) are the ones who will be conducting it. To develop the members and binding bonds between different semesters, there are some activities conducted such as gathering and team building. Also to make a better MPM, A&D conduct study visits to other House of Representatives from another campus to gain knowledge on House of Representatives activities and job desks.


Job Desk

To held MPM Team Building on every beginning of MPM period. This event is purposed to make MPM members closer and to build cooperation between different batches. Also, to prepare MPM for their tasks in the following one year.

To held MPM gathering every December. This is to give positions of Semester 5 students to members of Semester 1 and 3 MPM members.

Supervise the BEM election that will be handled by MPM members of semester 2. This event will be held every February to choose BEM President.

Make rules that are related to Ospek and Kaderisasi. The rules that have been set by MPM must be obeyed by all committees that are involved.

To hold the MPM election. It is an event to choose Chairman and Vice Chairman that will officiate in the following period. The chosen Chairman and Vice Chairman will then choose the secretary, treasurer, and head of divisions.