About Us

Campus Affairs is a division in the House of Representatives that is responsible for being the bridge between students and the board of Swiss German University.

To maintain a good relationship between students and Swiss German University, Campus Affairs has the responsibility to become the bridge between the two related parties. Our vision is to become the bridge between students and the board of Swiss German University, increasing students' awareness regarding internal events and supervising Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa (UKM) activities. Our mission is collecting aspirations and passing them to the related party on the campus, managing the House of Representatives social media accounts, such as Instagram, and together with BEM Education, creating UKM Regulations. Our priority is to make sure that students are able to express their aspirations. Thus, we provide the students with Line@ Account where they could write their aspirations whenever and wherever they are. Lastly, to be able to increase students' awareness regarding internal events, we create an Instagram account (@mpm.sgu) to provide them with the latest information.


Job Desk
  • Be the bridge between students and the SGU Board of Directors.
  • Provide an aspirations platform for students related to the internal university.
  • Raise students’ awareness about activities that are going on inside the campus.
  • Together with BEM Education, supervise and look after the UKM and HMJ activities.