About Us

Fundraising is a process of gathering money which later will be used as the foundation of an event.

Every activity or event conducted by any organization surely needs good funding. To achieve a certain amount of funds is definitely uneasy and needs very good planning. That is why it requires a specific group of people to do these kinds of responsibilities, which is the fundraising division. The fundraising division is one of the most valuable components in an organization that has a responsibility to raise a certain amount of money needed to meet the proposed budget in response to certain activities or events that are being held by the university. Not only raising money but also overseas organization funding in order to create a lot of benefits for the organization. There are two types of sources of obtaining fund which is internal and external sources. For internal funding, the program that has been conducted is selling food and beverages, merchandise, garage sales, and others. As for external funding, dealing with sponsors is one example. Not only learning about values that are related to funding activities, but there are also some interpersonal skills that can be obtained when joining this division, these include responsibility, teamwork, communication, decision-making, and creative thinking.

Job Desk

Responsible to raise funds for BEM's financial needs.