Kaderisasi 2021


Kaderisasi is an event that is usually held after Student Orientation Week. The target of this event is for the new student of Swiss German University. The main purpose of this event is to introduce the Student Organization (SO) of Swiss German University to the new students. It is also to select new members of the Student Organization of Swiss German University. Before the participants can join the Kaderisasi, they need to pass the first interview. the purpose of having this interview is to make us know more about the candidates better in personality. Most of the questions are all general and more their organizational experience. After they have completed the Kaderisasi, they still need to do the second interview which focused more on their desired choices either they choose to go to MPM (Majelis Perwakilan Mahasiswa) or BEM (Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa).

Kaderisasi is usually held outside of the campus. It is a three days and two nights event. The participants are divided into certain of groups. At the event, they need to do number of programs provided by the committees. Each program has its own values that will represent the organizational activities, and shaping their personality to become a better one. These values include teamwork, decision making, problem solving, crictical thinking, and communication, independent and other beneficial values.